"I cannot bring back what is lost but I can help you manage your grief."

My consulting practice is designed to help you manage feelings associated with bereavement, grief and loss. You do not have to go through these experiences on your own.

For many of us this is a time shadowed by losses - not only the passing of loved ones and the deaths of so many people to Covid 19, but also the absence of our former way of life, and the close connections to friends and family that have been disrupted. Loss and its accompanying grief can take many forms.

I firmly believe that mourning is an important and necessary process following traumatic loss, and counseling is an opportunity to explore your feelings and memories without judgement. The passing of a spouse or life partner can be devastating. This life event is considered to be right at the pinnacle of the stress measurement scale, and from personal experience I can testify to this. But no loss is too big or too small to warrant support. I am here for you.

Veronica L Young Grief Counseling Maine

“The death of a beloved is an amputation."

C. S. Lewis, A Grief Observed